Our belief is that an educated gun owner is a smart gun owner. Understanding the knowledge and safety of gun ownership is not only your right, but also your responsibility.


The fastest and MOST affordable way FOR YOU to satisfy YOUR STATE REQUIREMENTS AND to obtain YOUR CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT

Everything you need to apply for your concealed carry permit is provided within the online Prism Firearms Training  Safety Video. No need to spend an entire day overloaded by reviewing slides or completing time consuming lessons. The online Safety Video was designed for your convenience and highlights important firearms safety information in a convenient 25 minute instructional video.

How to Video

Concealed weapon online class to obtain concealed carry permit


Our course is taught by nationally certified instructors and takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.

The course consists of nine sections, (Firearms Safety Rules, Understanding your Firearm, Common Pistol Ammunition, How to Load a Revolver, How to Load a Semi-Automatic Pistol, Going to the Range, Cleaning Revolvers, Cleaning Semi-Automatic Pistol, and How to Store your Firearm. The video is followed by a test. You may watch the “Introduction to Firearms Safety” video as many times as needed and only pay once.

Our course covers all aspects of firearms safety and satisfies requirements for obtaining a Resident and or Non-resident Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) license in the state of Virginia, and resident permits in Idaho, Iowa, and Oregon. Refer to our State Laws page for complete details.

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