AR-15 Platform

Why I have chosen a modern-day AR-15 platform as a firearm that I will always keep on my list of the three guns you need to own.

 The modern-day AR is one of the most versatile weapon systems on the market. You can configure the platform to anything from a 22 caliber rifle all the way up to a 50 BMG. Almost every gun manufacturer makes some sort of accessory and/or the AR platform itself. I have shot AR’s configured in 5.56 mm all the way up to 50 BMG and also utilized a 6.8 mm upper receiver on a 5.56 mm configured lower receiver while hunting small game. The AR platform consist only of a few functional pieces that can operate under the most difficult and stringent of conditions. This is one of the reasons it has been chosen by the US government during the last nearly 60 years and still is in wide use in many different configurations by the military and law enforcement today. Another reason why am I fan of the AR platform is the amount of different accessories that are adaptable to the weapon system. The prices for the AR has come down in recent years. You can purchase an AR in the basic 5.56 mm configuration for roughly $600 and you can spend upwards of $2500 for an AR that has a lot fancy stuff bolted or clipped on and a high priced optic.


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