Completed your training and looking for your certificate? Visit the “My Courses” page in the top right then click on Completed Courses. There you will be able to view and print your certificate. 

If you experience any technical difficulties with your course or certificate, please read the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) below before contacting us.

If you do have any questions about your specific State Laws or the Concealed carry permit your state grants, please contact an appropriate law enforcement official (this information can be found on our information page). For any other questions related to this site that are not answered below please contact us, and we will respond to your request within 24-48 hours.


Once you have successfully completed the firearms safety test you will be able to view your training certificate by looking in the top right corner of the page and clicking onMy Courses  you will see this next to the login link. On that page you will see “Active Courses” and “Completed Course” please click on Completed Course”. Once there you will see a link that says view certificate. This is where you will be able to view and print your certificate.
The Firearms Safety Video is roughly 25 minutes long. The test is a collection of true/false and multiple choice questions, and should only take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Total time for registering, watching the video and completing the test is typically an hour.
ABSOLUTELY NOT! This course and certificate satisfy the requirements needed to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit. You are still required to fill out your state’s appropriate concealed firearms license application and file it accordingly. For more information please visit our “States Laws” for instructions on how to apply.
No, you are able to retake the test. To pass, you must score at least 80% on the test. You will be allowed to take the test up to five times. (Remember, all of the information needed to successfully complete the test is provided in our video, and you can always review the video at anytime on our web site.) Our goal is to help educate you on firearm safety, not to fail you.
Yes, all instructors in our videos are nationally recognized and nationally certified firearms instructors. All instructors are certified by a national nonprofit organization that certifies firearms instructors, operates national firearms competitions, and provides training, including courses in personal protection, in small arms safety, use, and marksmanship.
We encourage anyone, at any age, to utilize our instructional course and the safety materiel provided within. However, in most states persons under the age of 21 are legally restricted from possessing a concealed firearm.
In most states yes! For more information please visit our “States Laws” for fees associated with the issuance (specific to your state) of a Concealed Carry Permit.
Yes! We will send your certificate for an additional $5 (which covers handling and shipping fees). You should receive your certificate in the mail within approximately one week. Simply contact us directly AFTER you have paid and passed the test, and we will arrange for the shipment at the additional charge.
All questions within the test are reviewed throughout the Firearms Safety Video. If you need further review of a topic discussed during the video, you can go back and review the video on our site at anytime.


The course is a paid course, in order to take the class you have to buy the course.
You can find your Certificate in the My Courses page on the top right of our webpage.
Please go into the setting for page layout on your printer, and also check the PDF layout to make sure it is set up to print horizontally. The standard set up for the printer is usually vertical when printing a document, this will cause your Certificate to print smaller.