Scope Zeroing

I visited a local gun range today, and helped a young veteran shooting in the booth next to me. He had just purchased the firearm and as with most people, did not take the time to completely read the manual before going to the range. He also did not know how to work the attached scope. He began shooting very high, and then he would run the scopes settings all the way down and shoot very low. After seeing what he was doing, and the ammunition that he was wasting, I approached him and offered some guidance. I asked him if he knew how to zero his scope, and he said no.  I proceeded to let him know about a little trick I learned long ago.

The easiest way to zero a scope is to remove the adjustment caps for the windage and elevation on the scope, next slowly turn the adjustment knobs all the way to the right while counting, and then turn the knobs all the way to the left while counting as well. After doing this, and finding the total number of clicks that the adjustment knobs turn from left to right, turn the knobs until you half of that number. This will be your scope’s zero setting. From this zero position, you will be able to adjust your windage and elevation knobs on your scope into your firearm’s true zero at impact.

Hope this helps and happy shooting.


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