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Concealed Carry Permit Course – only $29.95

Quick and simple!

Earn your Concealed Carry certificate today and get your state permit!
Completing this online Firearms Safety Course will allow you to apply for a permit in the states of Virginia, Idaho, Iowa, and Oregon.

You are 25 minutes away from completing the training required to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit!

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You are 25 minutes closer to obtaining your concealed carry certificate

2. Watch the Video

Review the basics of firearms training video

3. Take the Test

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Upon successfully completing the course, you will obtain a certificate that meets the handgun safety training requirements for your Concealed Carry Permit in Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, and Virgina.
Your successful completion of the course will be saved to your “My Courses” page, along with your certificate. From the “My Courses” page you will be able to view and/or print your certificate as many times as needed.