Working with new shooters

I recently held a training session with a new shooter that put my previous training experience into perspective. If you have worked with more advanced students over the years, to include those in law-enforcement and other government agencies, you become accustom to using more advanced terminology in your training session as these students can comprehend.

Getting back to the basics with a beginner shooter really reminds one of the fundamentals of marksmanship that every shooter should understand well before advancing to the next stages.  Simple instructions, such as how to load a firearm, need to be broken down into simple movements. Movements that a new shooter will understand and the order in which these movements need to be performed.

When working with a new shooter, I focus on teaching basics to include:

  • unloading the firearm
  • sight alignment
  • site picture
  • 60/40 grip pressure
I do this, because fundamentals of marksmanship are activities that shooters of all disciplines need to comprehend. I strongly believe it is my job as an instructor to teach these principles during every instructional period, and to ensure new shooters understand the responsibility of owning a firearm and how to properly use of one. Helping a beginner to be comfortable and knowledgeable are key building blocks to them becoming a successful shooter.


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