Yellow Sticky Drill

“The Yellow Sticky Drill”

At the conclusion of training sessions, I am often asked  for ways to become more accurate with a firearm. One of my favorite training aids to recommend is a drill I like to call “The Yellow Sticky Drill”.

To complete this drill, you need only your firearm and a “yellow” (or any colored piece of paper) to place on the wall. First, find a room and place that colored piece of paper on the wall. Ensure your firearm is unloaded, step back approximately ten feet, “sight in” on the piece of paper while keeping your front and rear sights level, and dry fire your firearm. Repeat this drill by resetting your action so that you can pull the trigger again. Keep dry firing until the front sight tip of your firearm stops moving when you pull the trigger.

Over time you will notice, that the more you dry fire and practice this drill, the more accurate you will become. The goal of the drill is to improve your trigger pull and to take excess movement out of the firearm before the gun fires.

To this day, I always practice this drill prior to firing at the range. I dry fire my firearm approximately ten times before I insert a single round into a magazine. Until I can get the front sight of my firearm to stop moving when I pull the trigger, there is no point in wasting my ammunition.

I hope this drill helps you become more successful at the range, and please post back with your results!


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